The Mindful Eating Program

The Mindful Eating Program is for people that are ready to understand and holistically manage their concerns and issues around food, eating and body weight once and for all.



About Forward Thinking Psychology

Forward Thinking Psychology offers strategic and evidence-based psychological services for adults, children and families. We provide an innovative service for managing your difficult situation with intelligence and empathy.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a difficult and unfamiliar place and want someone neutral to talk to. You might feel stuck in your current relationship, job, or in general. You might be finding it difficult to adjust to change.

A professional, empathic, safe and non-judgemental therapeutic relationship can provide you with the opportunity to explore situations that are causing concern or creating difficulties. Engaging in psychological therapy for a brief period can equip you with valuable knowledge and skills to assist you with managing painful emotions, changing unhelpful behaviours and leave you with a greater sense of well being.

After hours and weekend appointments available.
If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, feel free to call for a no obligation, preliminary discussion.

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Our Specialties

Postnatal and Antenatal Depression

PND affects 1 in 7 new mothers and 1 in 20 new fathers.  Adjusting to parenthood can be one of the most challenging stages in ones life.


Anxiety is more than worry or stress. It is a condition that can make it difficult for a person to manage their every day life.


Depression is a serious condition which impacts both physical and mental health.

Couples Counselling

All couples and families experience difficulties in one form or another – it is a natural part of sharing your life with another person.